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Psychotherapy in English

Sometimes language can be a enormous barrier to an effective therapy.

Our Licensed Psychologist Germano Tango may help you through with some issue you are struggling with or if you want to make a consultation.


About Myself:

I have had a long experience with English Language in and outside therapeutical settings. I have translated English Texts of Psychotherapy and currently I am working on another project in this line.

I shall tailor my intervention to you circumstances and I am sure we can do a good job together to help you out of your struggle with: anxiety, depression, personality disorders, anger, etc.

Feel free to ask for further information on availability in your area. 



Online therapy can be as effective as a face to face one (for instance) .

Actually it can be even more beneficial. Some disorders or medical conditions can interfere with a person who is suffering to accede to psychological support. New winds are blowing with the new resources for videoconferencing. If you wish to start a process of change in your life and how you deal with suffering, please consider this option. I shall be very pleased to help you no matter where you live as long as you have a good, stable connection to internet and a computer or mobile that holds.

Feel free to ask for information !

Let's Walk About it!

Walking has little to do with going to places sometimes.


It can be an experience in itself. While we walk with someone else, we can talk about things. Things that are important and that have to do with our lives, things we want to achieve, things we want to leave behind. When we walk together, we have a tendency to stop our pace if we are dealing with something really important or difficult, and still, we move on.

Ahora también Terapia Online. Solicita tu cita y formato de videoconferencia.


Si tiene algún problema con la reserva, póngase en contacto con nosotros. Gracias


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